Monday, February 10, 2020

Building a marketing website for bed & breakfast outline

Building a marketing website for bed & breakfast - Outline Example well structured and probing questions which are asked to various clients and other stakeholders in order to obtain useful information helpful in the development of the system. Questionnaires give the developer a chance to ask his/her respondents questions that are vital for the design of the website but the stakeholders are not aware of. Care should be taken in the construction of the questionnaire to avoid inappropriate questions that may not necessarily show the opinion and views of the stakeholders (Inflectra, 2010). The questionnaire should not be too long or take much of the respondent’s time as this might lead to the respondent to answering superficially. The questions should also flow sensibly in order to make the respondent enjoy answering them. This is the most appropriate way to determine the contents of a website. It involves observing the stakeholders of the business as they engage in their day to day activities and then recording the events. Observing is critical as the developer is able to know what he/she will require in developing the website from first hand information. It also ensures that the stakeholders will be able to use the site with ease. This method also helps in validating information gathered from other methods like interviews. A disguised observation is preferred as the respondents (customers and the management) are unaware that they are being observed and therefore will act in their natural way (Requirements, 2010). An interview is valuable in getting the background information about the business problems and position currently and also to have a wider perspective of what other bed and breakfast websites includes. The interview should be wide enough to cover all the stakeholders of the business so that the website will have all the information required by any stakeholder. Interviews are essential as they will provide the developer with a chance to probe further for more information (Nancy, 2008). Unstructured interview is more

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